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TranslationUSA is perfect for satisfying your needs and business services.

TranslationUSA Satisfaction

In recent years, many Chinese come to the United States to invest, to study, to visit, and to settle down, TranslationUSA also provides translation, escort, coordination and negotiation services. TranslationUSA located in Los Angeles, California, was founded by international studies students in America with entrepreneurial dream and ambitious working spirit of innovation in 2002.


With a team of professional translation services, TranslationUSA has translated in automotive, machinery, electronics, IT technology, energy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, finance, logistics, legal, communications, construction, geology, mining, instruments, textiles, transportation, tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry, aviation and many other industries. In addition, over hundreds of millions of words and thousands of professional simultaneous interpretation, on-site interpretation, and telephonic interpretation services performed over the past years. We strive towards achieving our motto, “Once a client, always a client”; TranslationUSA guarantees you complete satisfaction.







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Our Team Of Experts

Lenna Atkins, Translator Expert

Miss. Atkins has the proud of leaving her foot steps in almost every corner of linguistics , and gained her subjective translation experience and a deep understanding of a client’s need.

Ben Zhang, Interpretor (Teamleader)

Detail oriented, motivated, and ambitious, Mr. Zhang has more than fourteen years of experience in translation and interpretation industry and gain a professional fame during his services.

John Smith, Language Expert

As a humble Christian, he believes that “being honest with others, others will be honest with you.” He works hard and is confident in himself, his team, and his service.

Issac Fang, Interpreter

Mr. Fang has more than fourteen years of experience in interpretation industry and gain a professional fame during his services. People consider him as a very good standard.


Anna Leigh, Chief  Translation Editor

Miss. Leigh likes to edit the words and gain a professional training. She has been a qualified editor around 8 years. She is delicated and full of passions. Words mean a lot for her.


Mellisa Jones, Editor

As far as Miss. Jones is concerned, words are not merely the words, but something she is looking forward to. She likes to read and think about how to editor “beautiful” translation works.